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Project Description

MMG Citrus was formed in 2007 by joining together two of the biggest names in the world of citrus – Mack and Martinavarro. The business serves the UK's multiple retailers with a full range of citrus fruit, sourced from around the world.


The official joining together of UK Citrus company M&W Mack and Spanish citrus giant Martinavarro heralded the need for a fresh new website for the new company - MMG Citrus.

Around the same time, the new product development team was working closely with a carton specialist on a new carton design and needed a design to make it stand out amind the sea of citrus in retailer produce departments.


We designed, developed and launched a brand new website for MMG Citrus, providing concepts for team photography and the delivering the photogrpahy itself using a leading-edge London photographer.

The citrus box design came together around the same time.


The website effectively raised awareness both internally and externally about the company partnership and provided a fresh and bright corporate image for the new team to work within.

The box went to production and the carton format was given industry recognition for packaging innovation by the re:fresh awards in 2012.