9 tips for business Twitter success

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9 tips for business Twitter success

Twitter is an essential part of a successful social media strategy. So how do you ensure it is working as hard as it can be?

Simply increasing the amount of Twitter followers you have isn’t a sure-fire guarantee that your messages are being seen or read. Sure, having more followers means greater exposure and brand awareness. But there are a few, often misunderstood or unknown tips for greater Twitter business success.

1. Take advantage of the new Twitter profile

Twitter has recently had a site refresh (you can read about it here), allowing each user to upload bigger images into their profiles. This gives brands and products more scope to personalise their feed pages.

In addition, the tweets you send are also handled slightly differently. Your best Tweets (those receiving more engagement) appear bigger, making your best posts more visible. Users also now have the option to pin one important Tweet to the top of their page, making those important post unmissable. It is also easier to segment other people's feeds by content too – allowing users to easily switch between photo / video posts, replies and Tweets.

2. Do your research

Look for key industry influencers who have relevant interests or business backgrounds in their profiles, or look at your competitors. Follow and engage with other influencers in your sector and also look at their followers who you think will be good to communicate with.

Doing so will assist in devising a strong content marketing strategy and allow you to share similar messages. Aim to engage in conversations with influencers to increase your own exposure.

3. Participate frequently

Numerous studies have shown that people who Tweet frequently attract followers. Sadly, there is no magic number to aim for. But if your feed is empty, then nobody will notice you at all. However, don’t just Tweet mundane updates about your day for the sake of it.

4. Mix it up a bit

Mixed content (photo, video and sounds) is crucial on social media, as it’s more engaging and likely to be shared more over text alone. This is even more important now that Twitter automatically shows image previews, making it easier to get your brand or product in front of your audience.

5. Be useful

Social media adds value to your marketing – what can you offer your potential, lapsed and existing customers with your updates? Focus on building relationships with your audience, so you can cement your position of authority in your industry.

By keeping an eye on what is driving conversation you can be sure you are sharing content and commenting on other people’s posts that are of interest and will gain you wider attention.

6. Don’t be formulaic

Do you regularly Tweet out blog updates and weekly activities? Your followers want to know that they’re following a person they can engage with rather than a robot. Let your audience see your personal side.

Likewise, try to resist simply re-tweeting praise for your brand or company. Receiving positive feedback is great and you’ll instinctively want to share it with everyone. But nobody likes bragging, so remember to be modest.

7. Plan and schedule your content

It can be difficult to find the time to live Tweet through important events or busy working days.

Aim to schedule your updates in advance, meaning with your content marketing strategy, you can spend time each week planning your activity

Alternatively, using a digital marketing agency means you have back up for your social media campaigns. As well as offering support for scheduling tweets, we offer our clients the ability to analyse their social media more closely – meaning they can see who is engaging with their content, what’s working and where their audience is.

8. Know when your audience is receptive

Make sure to be active when your audience is online. Generally for business Tweets, aim to avoid Tweeting late at night or too early in the morning. Various pieces of research have tried to pinpoint the best times of day to tweet, but ultimately, it will depend on your audience and their preferences.

Best time to Tweet

9. Get to grips with Twitter's langauge

It’s surprising how often the”@” function is misused or not fully understood.

Starting a Tweet with “@username” means only people who follow you and that user will see it. Therefore, not all of your followers will see your update.

If you want all your followers to see it and increase the Tweets reach, simply put a full stop before their name –.@username. Now all of your followers will see your update, regardless if they follow the other person or not.

As ever, no single step outlined above will work as a hard and fast rule to ensure a successful Twitter strategy.

Instead you need to work at creating an interesting Twitter feed so your target audience will want to interact with you. That’s an on-going process that takes time and effort. And if you have used any of the above tips and want to tap into our expertise in helping shape your social media strategy even further, then why not follow us @Be_Interactive_ and get in touch.

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