Are your customers finding you online?

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Are your customers finding you online?

If you've come to this blog looking for the one secret which will allow you to automatically get your website to the top spot on Google, here it is:

There isn't one.

That is to say, there is more than one thing which attributes to the success of your sites ranking on a search engine. In fact, there are lots of often over-looked, modifications which can certainly help get your website noticed and count towards raising your search rankings. By themselves, they seem minor and insignificant - but just like a finely tuned racing car, every part plays an important role culminating in a dramatic effect.

Many people will approach website building with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) at the front of their minds. Whilst you may think this is ideal or will save you time further down the line, remember - search engine's don't buy your products or services. It's far more important to optimise your site for your users so they receive the best user-experience they can.

So where do you start to optimise your site?

Start away from your computer. Seriously - don't change a thing. At least, not until you have researched and thought about where your site is currently being shown on search engine result pages, and where you want it to be.

Being at the top of every search result page isn't necessarily what you are after - consider any negative keywords that would draw in the wrong type of customer. Like many marketing tactics, SEO is often viewed in isolation, and not as part of the larger plan.

But what about keywords and title tags?

There are literally thousands of blogs, websites and online tools which will get into the specific tactics relating to optimising a website, and on the whole, they offer the same, sound similar advice.

SEO isn't about re-inventing the wheel or practising a dark art. In fact, it's as simple as making sure you post relevant, desirable content that people are searching for up on your website, regularly and in a way which resonates with them.

Be Interactive's top tips for successful SEO

If you are keen to raise your websites search engine rankings, we would always recommend looking at the following areas. Remember, tackling just one of these areas in isolation will never be as effective as addressing all of them together.

  • Plan first - it's an age-old adage, but fail to plan, plan to fail. Know where you are, and where you want to be (and even where your competitors are). Look at your marketing plan for the year and set your SEO objectives inline with it.
  • Content is king - it's no good optimising your site if there is nothing there for your customers. Add relevant and interesting content regularly.
  • Increase your online presence - this includes social media pages, Google+ accounts and Twitter feeds. 
  • Make sure your website code is complete and accurate - use title tags, meta-descriptions and heading tags properly, and include alt text descriptions for images. These are often overlooked but all are fundemental building blocks in supporting your SEO efforts.
  • Think like the customer - talk to them in the language they use and put content on your site in logical places - helpful and clear URLs also help.
  • Use landing pages to grow and test content. These will also help link offline and online channels giving you a more integrated approach to your SEO.
  • Don't give up - SEO should be an on-going practice, not something you do once. Invest a little time each month to review what's working, or more importantly, what isn't.

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