Fresh produce marketing & the environment

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Fresh produce marketing & the environment

A quarter of shoppers want a joined-up education

Produce wholesalers and retailers alike are getting very good at providing shoppers with information. We’ve worked with industry leaders on recipe databases, 5-a-day messages and information on growers. This information is now plentiful.

However, I read some research by the IGD recently which shows that consumers want a clearer, fully joined-up story about how their produce gets to their plates - and the impact it has on its journey.

“Most shoppers feel well informed about healthy eating and broadly able to make their own decisions. But they don’t yet feel as able to impact the environment through their food and grocery shopping”

Joanne Denney-Finch
Chief Executive of the IGD (Institute of Grocery Distribution)

Opportunity to inspire shoppers

She continues, “more is required to help shoppers link up healthy eating and environmental impact…. the industry has an opportunity to inspire shoppers, as a quarter of them would like to be able to make a bigger difference when buying food and groceries.”

So they understand the 5-a-day message but they want that to be linked with the environment, how growing produce affects it and how they can play their positive part in this. They also feel a social responsibility towards the growers. They want them to earn more for the part they play than they do, and would like transparency and fairness between growers and retailers.

So what can be done about this disconnect in the shopper education?

The supplier opportunity

Suppliers can help. They are uniquely placed to help retailers with the joined up dialogue consumers want on the food they buy and how it impacts the environment. With close relationships with growers and clarity on customer needs they can prosper by moving up the value chain as far as their retailer relationships will allow them and sharing their knowledge.

Savvy retailers will allow wholesalers up the chain and share their detailed customer data with them to enable better input from them. There’s value to be had on both sides, retailer and supplier, and those who see this and make the first moves will benefit.

Need help with your fresh produce marketing and NPD?

Be Interactive can help. This is where our skills, as an experienced produce marketing team, come in. By helping suppliers and retailers to work together on New Product Development and to visualise sales opportunities and capitalise on them as far as possible.

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