New product development visualisation

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New product development visualisation

See the opportunity, on the shelf, before investing a penny

We work with produce suppliers and we know it can be hard to get ideas in front of retailers in a way that really makes them sit up and get excited.

We believe exciting your buyer/contact in the supply chain is just as important as exciting the 3.6-a-day eating shopper. Building a clear picture for the retailer is just as important.

We do fully recognise and appreciate that suppliers work within strict boundaries issued by retailers. However, we do believe in pushing these boundaries as much as possible whilst respecting the limits.

Bringing the opportunity alive

We regularly create impactful visualisations of new product concepts for our supplier clients, whether packaging or product based or a marketing promotion or new concept. This means presenting them with a piece of artwork or motion graphics so realistic that it looks like a photo of the real thing. We use photography, design and video creatively. This achieves an “it’s already on the shelves” look and feel, which can really help a retailer envisage a whole campaign in store, live. This can create real enthusiasum and a “wow” that can greatly enhance or even trump statistics, Powerpoint slides and research.

To do this you need top quality photography of gorgeous product. Think ripe, juicy, in-season cherries or thirst quenching, mouth awakening citrus fruit. This is then combined with correct settings, whether package, shelf or staged scene.

These images can then be worked on further to show full shelves of product, stocked next to typical neighbours (eg strawberries and raspberries), or next to seasonal/complimentary neighbours (strawberries/cucumber/citrus/Pimms) so that the retailer can visualise whether it would work for them. Further suggestions can be quickly progressed and re-presented to the retailer and issued back to promote prompt sign off.

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Recent update:

A presentation at the recent Fresh Produce Journal conference (read our blog on this conference) pointed out the following:

General industry opportunities:

  • Exploit the 5-a-day message
  • Address concerns over waste
  • Review packaging materials and designs

Retailers should support growth by:

  • Better displays
  • Better marketing
  • Improved communications

For more information or advice on how to capitalise these points for your fresh produce marketing plans:

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