A final look into Be Interactive's crystal ball

  • Marketing Predictions Blog III

A final look into Be Interactive's crystal ball

The final part of our look at marketing predictions for 2014 focuses on the impact of technology on businesses and their consumers. Barrie Jones discusses the need to identify out-dated traditions offline to create opportunity and review a growing trend of over complicating established and digital methods.

Barrie Jones, MD & creative director

The rate of technological innovations introduced into the marketing arena is constant. As is the appetite for them from companies and subsequently consumers. 2014 will see more evolution and new methods of communication. For example, Christmas 2013 saw gift vouchers shift further into digital gifting, online incentives and recognition platforms becoming the admin-free choice of transmitting rewards for companies, consumers and families.

We know from customers purchasing products, (see our last blog on traditional versus new marketing methods) that traditional communication channels can come full circle, and be right for use. Online shopping, I personally believe, is great with the caveat of "when it works". There is nothing worse than being let down online, as it results in you running around (something online shopping was intended to stop) trying to find that sold out toy or vegetable for your Christmas shop, store to store, to ‘guarantee’ you have it in time!

To the nub: if you can identify out-dated behavioural traditions in your communications strategy there will be a new technology replacing that behaviour, replacing offline habits thus creating a greater opportunity. Equally, identify and analyse where online technology is overcomplicating an already established route to market offline, and simplify to one route accordingly. Marketers can become overwhelmed or fearful at these times of perpetual change. However, common sense should prevail. Stick to your plan and the data you have on what your customers want, and how they want to receive or purchase it.

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