Be Interactive take a look into their crystal ball [Part II]

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Be Interactive take a look into their crystal ball [Part II]

Part II of our look at 2014 marketing predictions comes from Be Interactive's marketing director, Cheryl Harrison and focuses on how some organisations lose sight of tried and tested practices in the rush to the new ideas and methods.

Cheryl Harrison, marketing director

Over the last decade there has been a tendency to focus on new media channels at the expense of the traditional.

Marketing teams grapple with augmented reality, online analytics, social media, mobile and so on, all dominating attention and afforded a considerable amount of time in terms of team meetings and agency billable hours.

I don’t want to "put the new down". Digital work is a large part of our service offering after all. Also, the very “newness” of some of these technologies can command more time. The complexity can also lead to more time dedicated to helping those “up high” in the organisation to understand it all.

But skulking, often in the background, lie some of the old ways. Direct marketing, telemarketing and door to door have been seen as “old fashioned” and “traditional”. This is fine and it’s entirely appropriate for any channel to move with and reflect the times. What should not happen, however, is for successful means of communication to be side-lined through a fear of being seen as old hat, when they are entirely the right way to get a brand’s message over or prompt action in consumers, in certain industries.

Research shows that half as many consumers favour customer care contact via email than marketers believe actually do, while marketers underestimate the proportion of consumers who want to use the phone by seven percentage points. Elsewhere, reports have found landline phone shared top spot with email as consumers’ preferred routes when contacting a customer service team. Additionally, when shoppers need help or advice they prefer face-to-face contact than using a website or interacting on social media.

For many people, and in many circumstances and industries, traditional is still the best. It might not win any innovation awards but sometimes a piece of mail is ideal, a phone call ticks the box and a targeted door drop really can work.

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