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Photography and marketing

Photography and image making are widely used terms, with the possibilities of how you can represent yourself, your goods and your services being endless. And with the wide variety of opportunities to showcase your business ever increasing (think social media, websites, printed literature and large format advertising) the importance of approaching your photography projects with your brand objectives and usage in mind is crucial.

Having spent the majority of my career working with creative people, its no surprise that some of that creativity has rubbed off on me. As a result, for the last few years I have taken a strong interest in photography. Working at Be Interactive has given me the opportunity to get closer to some of the photography projects we have been involved in. Personally I find myself taking better photos for family and friends, having applied the knowledge that has been built up over recent years - knowing the importance of the processes to “get it right”.

It’s true to say though, that not everyone sees or understands the true value of photography – particularly when it comes to brands, products or services. Selecting stock photography (which is often wrongly assumed to be quicker and less of a headache) can also be a minefield. If not done correctly, your marketing can look sterile, generic and not have the impact you intended. We appreciate sometimes this is a route a client may wish to take – but when we work with stock images, we always return to the brand objectives, - stylising the images to feel as much a part of the brand as we can.

Having our own photography studio means we try to shoot as much for our clients as we can, helping them build their own image libraries and importantly, bespoke, brand fitting arsenal of unique imagery to help them set themselves apart from their competitors.

When creating any creative or photography brief there are times when specialist knowledge or experience and equipment are used. In these instances, we are lucky to have partnered with a good variety of talented photographers whom we have had the pleasure to work with over the years in realising, delivering and integrating our clients photographic projects as part of their overall account.

Our top tips for image success

  • Think about the way you want your audience to view your product or service – how do you envisage it in use?
  • What is your pricing point? How much of a luxury feel does your imagery need?
  • How and where are your images going to be viewed? Think about format, size and how your audience will interact with them
  • Think about your budget. You’ll be surprised how often people assume that good photography needs to cost a fortune. If planned in correctly, it could be a better alternative to using stock imagery.

“As a starting point approaching a photography project should be no different from planning any creative work”. "Plan in the work before you even take the camera out of the bag", Focus on the “key strategic direction, the immediate requirements – while trying to future proof output and maximise the budget”.

- Barrie Jones, MD & Creative Director

Not every photography project will require a full studio style shoot. The most shared photo of the year so far was a ‘selfie’ taken at the Oscars by American TV host Ellen DeGeneres. The key to its success (and being re-tweeted 2.8 million times in less than 24 hours)? In my opinion, the detail was all in the planning, with careful consideration of where, and how it was intended to be used.

Going viral with your brand may not be the aim of your next photography project – maybe you just want to enhance your existing customer perception or re-fresh your printed literature. However you are looking to conceptualise or craft some photography that will last, are we are here and ready to create some compelling images for you.

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