8 reasons to hire a marketing agency with a digital heritage

  • Reasons to hire a marketing consultancy with a digital heritage

8 reasons to hire a marketing agency with a digital heritage

There are many different types of marketing agency that exist today. Traditionally, the big agencies aimed to offer everything under one roof. As time and technology progressed, small boutique agencies which offered insight into specialist areas began to pop up. Today, we see agencies enhancing their own in-house teams to assist their clients in specialist areas.

Figuring out which type of agency to engage is a tough task. You’ll need social media help and PR guidance. Some advertising into the mix. So choosing one type of agency over another is a challenge.

Be Interactive prides itself on being a full service agency with a deep heritage in digital marketing. We believe there are many reasons why hiring a digital marketing agency can be the best choice for your company.

Reason 1 – widening your talent pool

Whilst your own business will include a mix of talented people, you can widen your expertise by tapping into our own diverse, “wildly interesting” and extremely talented team. Agencies typically hire people with diverse backgrounds who have either an artistic or functional business talent that can be harnessed. As a business, it will be impractical to recruit all of these people to help drive your business forward. Using an agency, you have access to specialist insight when you need it – and collaborative thinking, the best kind for problem solving.

Reason 2 - digital marketing experience

Technology, as well as the marketing, moves quickly. Just look at the developments that have happened in the last five years. A digital enriched agency will not only be up-to-date on these innovations, they’ll make sure your marketing campaigns fully leverage their capabilities.

Reason 3 – accessing a better toolbox

It’s likely that at least one person in your business is regarded as an Excel wizard. You might even know a thing or two about Google Analytics.

However, agencies spend considerable time researching, building and acquiring a powerful sets of tools that incorporate the latest in Customer Relationship Management (CRM); marketing automation, lead intelligence and more. Agencies are constantly refining and upgrading their technologies, which are much more robust, intuitive and most importantly tested – so they can, in some cases improve a client own internal processes.

Reason 4 - a broader perspective

Knowing your customers inside and out is what you do. But have you ever considered that you might be a little too close?

A digital marketing agency like us, knows customer behaviour in general – and our experience with varied industries offers unique insight. We’ll be able to offer a fresh perspective on your marketing efforts, your brand image and your customer relationships. A fresh third-party perspective can breathe new life into your marketing efforts. It can open your eyes to opportunities that may have previously gone unnoticed.

Reason 5 - more cost effective

Digital, compared to more traditional methods of marketing can be extremely budget-friendly. When it comes to maintaining a website, landing pages, blog or a social media presence, hard costs are minimal. Though content creation involves time and money (regardless of who does it) there are no printing or media placement costs.

Reason 6 - ability to scale

Whether you’re a start-up in the early stages of a product launch, a medium-sized business poised for growth, or a large company with an extensive product line, a digital marketing agency can design campaigns that work within your timeframe and budget. And if it works – and a greater scope of services is required – a digital marketing agency can easily scale up to meet your needs.

We offer both project and retainer based fee models, tailored to your needs. These payment approaches help make sure you’re not overspending or under-spending any given month and gives you the flexibility to adapt as needs change. And because our remuneration is tied to your growth, we’re highly motivated to see you succeed.

Reason 7 - measureable results

One of the best reasons to hire a digital marketing agency is that you can see where your money and your efforts are going. Digital marketing technology has the amazing ability to track and measure almost any kind of marketing activity, through to conversion.

Who opened your email and when? What’s driving traffic to your website, and where are customers clicking once they get there? Which networks are driving the best responses from your mobile campaigns? As an agency, we will help show you what the raw numbers mean, and how the insight can be applied to design even more effective marketing campaigns.

Measurability ties into cost-effectiveness. Measurable ROI means it’s easier to get the support of management – even those who have been sceptics traditionally.

Reason 8 - reliability

Everyone has those weeks where it’s just impossible to get a good hour behind your desk to check, measure, action and report. With an agency on board, you can be assured we’ve got a careful eye monitoring all aspects of your campaign. We’ll make it easy for you to keep track of progress and can provide valuable continuity during busy times.

Whether you have worked with an agency before (digital or not), choosing the right one is crucial. We’ve outlined reasons why we believe choosing an agency with a digital heritage is the sensible choice. And if you need convincing further – get in touch. If you visit us in Tunbridge Wells or London we always provide great coffee at our meetings (think if it as an un-official reason number 9)

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