Fruit and veg: Getting emotional in the aisle

  • Emotion at the purchase point

Fruit and veg: Getting emotional in the aisle

We have an office in Kent, the garden of England, so it’s maybe no surprise we have longstanding clients in the fresh produce industry.

One thing we have learned in this industry is that pushing boundaries a little to really bring fruit and veg alive is key. And by that we mean bringing it alive for retailers as well as connecting to the paying, 3.6-a-day eating customer (see our marketing project for Fun Farms as an example of this).

Economic pressures equal more home dining

People work hard during the week, as hours increase and salaries for many remain static. To counterbalance this it seems weekends and holidays need to “perform harder” and meet a higher expectation. Add to this the fact that many people, for budget reasons, eat and entertain at home more than ever, and the pressure mounts further.

Emotion at the purchase point to trigger purchase

Developing concepts around the idea of “the perfect weekend BBQ, the perfect picnic at the park, the perfect garden-based occasion” can tempt consumers towards your products. Gorgeous pictures of fresh or interestingly prepared fruit and vegetables in these perfect settings can literally seduce customers to purchase. “I may not have tidy kitchen cupboards and the dog desperately needs a bath but I can have gorgeous ripe cherries in a vintage style bowl.” Small wins can feel good….

Insert the loved ones

When it comes to emotion, weaving fruit and vegetables into the fabric of real life can work wonders. Think: three-year-old on a toy tractor with trailer full of robust plums or crisp apples, heading to the “shop” at the back of the garden. We all know our children need to eat more fruit and veg. But showing that in a fun way, whilst reminding them of the ones they love, can, we have found, is one way to make all the difference to sales.

Helping retailers to see the opportunities

In the supply chain, building that picture is just as important. We fully recognise and appreciate that wholesalers work within incredibly strict guidelines issued by retailers. However, we do believe in pushing the boundaries as much as possible whilst respecting these limits.

Visualisation: bringing the concept alive – how we can help

Read our blog on visualisation. This explains how we help produce suppliers to bring their new product development ideas fully alive, so that they stand out strongly and successfully in front retailers.

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